Apr 12, 2013

Jessie's Girl~ Gumdrops!

Jesse's Girl has a new set of polishes as part of the Julie G line called The Frosted Gumdrop Collection. I'm sure you have seen all the new texturized polishes that have been popping up all over.
As soon as I saw the promo pics I knew I had to have them!

OPI has some textured polishes as well as China Glaze, Orly & Zoya.
As far as price, these are by far the most affordable. I paid $20 for the set of 6. But right now they are on sale for $12.99 here-> Groupon Gumdrop Sale! Thats an amazing deal but its only good until 4/14/13!!!

My bottles did not come with any names on them for identification. But on their facebook page I found the names. Here they are from Left to Right: Blueberry Fizz, Hot Cinnamon, Rock Candy, Tangerine Dream, Crushed Candy, Sugar Rush.

This  is called Crushed Candy. Its so super cute. This pic is a 3 day old mani! No base coat & no top coat. Zero chips after 3 days.
I have been checking out online swatches of the different brands of textured polish & these are very unique. Other than the bumpy texture, these have glitter. Who doesn 't love to sparkle? :) I used 2 coats and was extremely happy. This is the only one I've tried so far & I'm 100% happy!!! These will be my go-to's for the summer. I bet they wil be amazing for a pedi!

Apr 11, 2013

Wet n Wild- Fergie Collection ~ Red & Black

 Today I walked into Walgreens & saw the new Fergie Collection...Untouched. :) I seriously just started grabbing stuff. All the lipsticks and 1 highlighting powder & 1 eyeshadow palette. The lipsticks were great! All of them! They eyeshadow was ok. Here are my thoughts on some of them.
More to come in a different post.

Old School Glam Lipstick- Super creamy & bright red. Blue undertones almost going towards pink.
Applied straight from the tube, no lipliner.

Pagan Angel Lipstick- Awesome Black! & no weird smell like some black lipsticks have.
Applied straight from the tube, no lipliner.

Metropolitan Nights Eyeshadow Palette- This was just ok. I couldn't get the black to get really black, it kind of always stayed a dark dark grey. The khaki gold looking color completely disappeared on me. It had 0 pigmentation. It swatched ok on my hand but was invisible on my eyelid. The white was vey chalky. The bright yellow color was basically pressed gold glitter which I really liked. It had no actual pigment to give it color but I swept it over my whole lid with a fluffy brush and loved the twinkling glitter effect!
For under $5 it was worth it just for that golden glitter.

Autism Awareness

This month is Autism Awareness Month. In honor of that, Boredom with JeNn is doing a Collab!

Her Daughter is Autistic and this is a cause very close to her heart. Here is my contribution to the collab. Mine is in honor of 2 awesome sons of 2 awesome friends: Kyle & Jacob ❤

Yellow & Red are Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette
Blue is Magic Mineral Makeup