Mar 30, 2013

Low n Slow...

I recently watched one of my fave animated movies- Cars! My fave character is Ramone because he changes his paint job like I change my nail polish! His "Original" look is the best tho :)
Here's my take on it...

I used NYX JUMBO PENCIL in Black Bean as a base for the purple then elf eyeshadow primer for the rest. It's only $1 and works great on my oily eyelids. The purple & red & orange is from my Ebay 120 palette & the yellow is Sugarpill Buttercupcake.

A girl at the grocery store said my eyes looked like the sunset...I'll take that!!!

Mar 29, 2013

HoneyXO Review

Review Time.... HoneyXO
I was sent this package for review. There were 5 eyeshadow samples in baggies packaged together in a cute gold mesh bag. I hate hate hate having to dig shadow out of a baggie but these were pretty generously sized. At first glance, al the colors looked pretty pigmented. They are also colors I would wear in Autumn. Not now.

First Impressions...

Swatched on my daughter's hard. Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Forest Love, Royal Kingdom, Chantilly
Trax & Glass Slipper

Forest Love ~ Dark green with pretty sparkles
Royal Kingdom ~ Medium super shimmer burgundy
Chantilly ~ Matte mustard yellow
Trax ~ Dark black with sparkles
Glass Slipper ~ Matte blue grey
Forest Love & Trax

Royal Kingdom & Chantilly

Royal Kingdom & Glass Slipper
So unfortunately these colors did not work well at all. They all swatched beautifully but once I put them on my face the completely changed. I used Sugarpill Tako for blending and the more I blended, the darker all the colors became. The only color that remained unchanged was Chantilly.

In the top photo I stated adding Forest love and it was just showing up grey. The more I blended, the darker it got. I added Trax and as soon as I started blending all the sparkles disappeared.
In the center photo I started out with Royal Kingdom and it also turned grayish. As you can see in the pic there is hardly any red or pink at all showing up.
The last pic was the worst. Glass Slipper which swatched as a bluish grey instantly turned almost black. I tried blending in some Royal Kingdom and that just made it even muddier.
Unfortunately these eyeshadows were just not good for me at all. I have seen other pics of this brand and the colors look fresh and bright. I don't know what went wrong. Formula? Color choices?

Mar 20, 2013

Stickerize Your Palettes

Who else loves decorating their palettes???
Where do u find cute stickers? I don't do stones cuz then I won't be able to stack them... I have a ton of scrapbooking stuff...I need some ideas.
I have 9 more palettes I wanna do!
The Animal Print & Lisa Frank Palettes are both Coastal Scents.
The Animal Print is the Fall Festival Palette which is gorgeous & very rich. The colors are perfectly named for Fall. The Lisa Frank Palette was A Custom Hot Pot Palette. On their site you can choose the individual colors to fill your palette with. You can choose by finish, color, or even which big palette the color is from!
I chose all matte bright colors & black white & grey. It's a perfect size to travel with and has every color I could possibly need! Get yours HERE 
Fall Festival is $12.95 & Individual Hot Pots are $1.99 each. Great Deal!
The Bigger Palette on the right size is a completely generic & completely amazing one from Buy in Coins.
Everything is shipped from China & shipping is included in the price you see. Shipping does take a little longer than normal- like 3 weeks but it's totally worth it! You can get yours HERE
It was only $7.97 Can't beat that! I'll have swatches in the Swatches Section Soon :)